“Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area”




  • The Closing Conference - 15th of November, 2016

    Tuesday, November 15, 2016, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation, His Excellency Urs Herren, the Final Conference of the project "Sustainable Agricultural Models in the Romanian Mountain Area" was held. The project partners and two of the beneficiaries as well,  have talked about the challenges and the accomplishments of the project so far, about what was done to improve the life and the work of the shepherds from the mountain in the three years of work.

    The Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu was out of the country but he delegated Michael Herciu, director AM - RDP Agriculture Ministry. He appreciated the project as "an extremely useful project, a success story that could be replicated in many other mountain areas from Romania"

    Participants viewed images of modern sheepfolds and also had the opportunity to taste various "De La Munte" cheeses produced in the new sheepfolds.

  •  September 8th, 2016 - Traditional Celebration at the modern sheepfold in Ibanesti

    The celebration of the birth of Saint Mary on the 8th  of September is a very important event for Romanians.

    With this special occasion the project partners visited the Ibanesti sheepfold. This visit also marked the passing of one year since the sheepfold first official opening.

    Leaving the village and starting our road to the sheepfold we could notice that the quality of the road has significantly improved thanks to the efforts made by the local authorities. The shepherds were happy to receive all their guest on this special occasion: local authorities (the mayor and the priest), projects partners representatives: FAMD, Openfields, Agrom, Romontana, Prof. Radu Rey, students from France that were part of an exchange visit, Romanian and Swiss tourists, and locals.


  • "Flavors Heritage Day" Festival was held on the 27 -28 August, 2016

     in Piatra Neamt

    The aim of the event was to develop tourism in the North-East Region of Romania, through the identification and promotion of local gourmet recipes, old and new, to attract visitors from home and abroad and to increase the awareness of Horeca operators on the importance of using traditions and elements of local identity for tourism destination marketing.

    The festival hosted various activities, such as: a gastronomic contest, an exhibition fair with local foods and products, performing arts and demonstrative workshops.

    Dairy products "De la Munte" were exhibited and appreciated by many visitors to the stand, on which occasion the project "Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian mountain area" was presented as well.


  • June 25th - July3rd, 2016 - Exchange visit in France

    From June 25th till July 3rd a group of 18 people, two representatives of the project partners and the rest shepherds, participated in an exchange visit that took place in France.


    This exchange visit was held to promote first hand learning about the technologies used by the French farmers in raising sheep, milk processing, cheese production and marketing.


    During this visit a number of farms, in the French Alps region, were visited: GAEC de la Fontaine, farm du Fardelier, farm du Val Gelon, farm St. Pierre, farm du Chezallet, and the farm "Les Bergeres du Beauvoir". Other local points of interest were included on the itinerary, so the group also visited the cooperative Beaufort, the Chambre d'Agriculture Savoie Mont-Blanc, a shop of cheese producers, a shepherds restaurant and a mobile milking parlor.


    The hosts were very hospitable, and the participants enjoyed the visit very much, and found it very useful.

    They were very impressed not only by the techniques used in France but by the whole operating mechanisms of the farms and producer's associations in general. This visit was a good opportunity for acquiring best practices, know-how from the French farmers and seeing profitable producers.

    The Romanian farmers left France hoping that the present of their French peers will resemble their future.


  • On July 14th, 2016 the modern sheepfold from

    Tughes received a group of special guests

    On July 14th, 2016 the modern sheepfold from Tughes received a group of special guests: Ioan Agapi and Adrian Radu Rey from FAMD and Romontana (project team); Lazar Latu (General Manager - Mountain Area Agency / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Danut Gitan, Danut Ungureanu and another 6 representatives of AZM (Mountain Area Agency), Prof. Radu Rey - Mountain Forum in Romania and the very special guest: Jeremy Staniforth (High Representative for Sustainable Development at the Romanian Government / Counselor for Romania of HRH, the Prince of Wales).

    The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences and lessons learned among the representatives of the organizations and to disseminate information and best-practices gained from the implementation of the project "Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area

  • Agraria Expo

    April 21-24, 2016

    The International Fair for Agriculture, Food Industry and Animal Husbandry, AGRARIA, took place between April 21 - 24, 2016, in Cluj-Napoca.

    Within this important event, "De La Munte" cheeses had their own presentation stand. A conference was also organized for the presentation of "Sustainable Agriculture for the Romanian Mountain Area" project, and also for promoting the newly developed brand, "De La Munte".

    The exhibition benefited of a large number of visitors, participants from different areas of agriculture and food industry, from all over Romania and also overseas. Many participants showed great interest in the project developed and also in the possibility of purchasing "De La Munte" cheeses.

  • Produsele lactate „De La Munte”


    „De la Munte” dairy products, obtained within the “Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area” project were presented by the project partners in the national event, "High Nature Value Farmland".

    The event took place in Bucharest, on March 5th, 2016 and was organized by WWF Romania, ADEPT Transilvania and ProPark Foundation) with the help of the Swiss Contribution for the Extended European Union.

  • The Project steering committee held its annual meeting on

    November the 10th 2015, in Bucharest

  • Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area

    October 28th to November 1st

    The biggest and most important agricultural event in Romania, INDAGRA, took place from October 28th to November 1st, in Bucharest. The event is the most comprehensive event of its kind in Romania, aiming to promote Romanian agriculture, the potential of domestic livestock, organic and traditional products and also internationally recognized wine varieties from Romania.

    "Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area" project was prezented by the FAMD and Heifer ROmania representatives, mr. Ioan Agapi and Dr. Ovidiu Spinu, present at the event.


  • Shepherd's Festival - Tulgheș

    October the 4th, 2015

    Sunday, October the 4th, 2015 , Tulgheş village , from Harghita County, hosted the Seventh Shepherd's Festival , organized by the Association of Animal Breeders Tulgheş . The event was attended by several local representatives as well as members of the Association ACA Tulghes, FAMD , Heifer Romania, Prof. Radu Rey along with a large number of local participants.

  • Activity in the new sheepfolds from  Fărcaşa and Năruja

    September 2015

  • The mountain - gourmet festival, "GASTROFEST"

    18 - 20 September, 2015

    The mountain - gourmet festival, "GASTROFEST", organized by The Mountain Forum, took place on 18 - 20 September, 2015 in Piatra Neamt.

    Representatives of FAMD, RoMontana and Heifer Romania participated in this event, representing the project "Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area"


  • The opening ceremony of the sheepfold in Năruja.

    August the 28th, 2015

    FAMD (Mountain farmers association Dorna) together with Heifer Romania, Agrom-Ro and Romontana gladly announce that on August the 28th, 2015 the Official Opening Event of Naruja Sheepfold took place.


    Many people were present at this special event, despite the bad road conditions. Among most important guests we can mention: Thomas Stauffer – Director of Swiss Contribution Office in Romania, Ioan Utiu – State Secretary at Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dantis Ionica – Mayor of Vrancioaia commune Vrancea region, Grigore Mihaies – President of the Veterinarians College from Vrancea County and  Prof. Dr. Radu Rey – President of Commission Montanology Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences.


    The event was organized by all projects partners together with the sheepfold owners and local representatives. The entire ceremony was blessed by two orthodox priests. Everyone was invited to take a tour of the sheepfold and taste the delicious sheep cheese products.


    The opening speech was held by special guests and project partners' representatives. They reminded the audience about the aim of the project, financing partners and overall results up to now. The whole dynamic of the event was positive and optimistic. Step by step, project partners and beneficiaries are making a big change taking traditional cheese making to European standards.


  • the International Exhibition of thoroughbred and equipment for animal husbandry (ZEFA)

    Between June 26th - 29th 2015, the village of Dorna Candrenilor ( Jud. Suceava )


    Between June 26th - 29th 2015, the village of Dorna Candrenilor ( Jud. Suceava ) held the International Exhibition of thoroughbred and equipment for animal husbandry (ZEFA). Project partners have organized a presentation stand during the entire event , where they were made ​​and tasting cheeses " in the mountains " . It has also been organized and a presentation of the project within the exhibition. The total number of visitors to the fair exceeded 12,000 people , with 102 's of exhibitors stand - according to the official report of the event.

  • The opening ceremony of the sheepfold in Farcasa

    July 12, 2015

  • Packaging of the dairy products within the project  “Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area”


    Packaging of the dairy products within the project  “Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area” was sponsored by MULTIVAC ROMANIA


  • RNDR Conference - Marketing of mountain products - Actuality and perspectives

    20 to 21 May 2015

  • Steering Committee

    May 19, 2015

  • International (Hungarian), national and project participants cheese tasting, analyze and debates

  • Seminar on "Mountain Pastoralism - present and future" - National Network for Rural Development

    12 to 13 March 2015

    - Features of the current century pastoral space - infrastructure imperiously necessary , Ing. Ioan AGAPI, Director of Mountain Farmers Federation "Dorna"

    - Workshop - Traditional methods for producing dairy products - best practices, Dr. Ovidiu SPÂNU, Country Director at Heifer Romania

  • Sheep cheese tasting and sampling

    Vatra Dornei,  December 2014

  • Farcasa - Bistrita Bargaului Visit

    August 2014

  • Training program for the occupation of mountain Shepherd

    Ibanesti, October 2014

    Tulghes, November - December 2014

    Farcasa, December 2014 - January 2015

  • Vizita Naruja

    Iulie 2014

  • Vizita Tulghes

    Iulie 2014

  • Bistrita Bargaului Sheepfold

    July 2014

  • Farcasa-Brosteni Visit

    July 2014

  • Ibanesti Visit

    July 2014

  • Vrancioaia Visit

    June 2014

  • Visits and field activities

    Brosteni, Farcasa, Ibanesti, Tulghes si Vrancioaia

    March 2014

  • Romanian Partners Meeting

    June 10, 2014


    AGROM RO: Tiberiu Stef, Laura Sandor, Dana Ruta

    FAMD: Ioan Agapi, Ovidiu Ionescu, Stefan Agapi

    HEIFER: Ovidiu Spinu, Emanuel Tapu, Alin Tekonczia

    ROMONTANA: Andrei Coca

    EXPERTS: Tutu Chirileanu, Teodor Marusca



  • Activity Report Phase 2 - meetings with local communities Vrancea, Harghita, Neamț and Suceava Counties

    Within the 1.3.4 activity, A.N.D.R.M “Romontana” representatives conducted four new meetings with the interested parties in targeted communities. During these sessions, a short presentation of the project goals and objectives was sustained.


    The first two, both held in April 23, 2014 took place in Suceava, respectively Neamt County. Here, representatives of local communities along with members of the Association for Rural Development Grinties from Broşteni commune, and the Mountain Producers Association from Farcasa commune offered their unconditional support for all necessary activities to implement the project.


    With excitement we also received the support of Animal Breeders Association members from Tulghes commune, at the third meeting held in April 25, 2014. They have expressed interest and actively debated how to make sheep dairy products in sheepfold and the possible identification of the channel distribution for cheese.


    Another meeting organized within the activity took place on April 27, 2014, in Naruja, Vrancea County. Aspects regarding administration and planning of pastures as well as the elements to improve the grassy carpet in order to increase sustainable production were discussed, and representatives of the community have benefited by addressing questions to clarify aspects of interest in the project.

    Community needs are similar and local representatives are aware of the projects importance for the sustainable development of mountain agriculture in the area. They ally oneself for the proposed goal, thereby the 1.3.4 activity objective can be considered reached.


  • “Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area Project”

    - presented at the International event Agraria 2014

    In 2014, the Agriculture International Trade Fair – AGRARIA was organized in the last decade of April. Supported by a team of professionals with a 20-year experience in agricultural events, AGRARIA, became an annual emblematic event in the field for Transylvania area. As promised, the fair succeeded to be the most important meeting point for farmers, specialists, students, managers, journalists and authorities in the agricultural field who had the opportunity to be informed about new technological developments, to enter into agreements or partnerships and debate on topical issues in an extensive program of related events.


    On the third day of the event, April 26, named by the organizers Farmer Day at Agraria, “Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area Project” was introduced by all Romanian partners involved, namely Heifer Romania, Mountain Farmers Federation “Dorna”, AGROM-RO and ROMONTANA.

    The overall goal of the project is the improved sustainability of livestock-based agriculture in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains by means of integrating traditional activities in the modern economic system. The purpose of these activities is to generate income and to enrich the cultural landscape with their high touristic value.

    Since small-scale farmers’ associations are the specific target of this project, the poorer, more economically vulnerable members of society will be the main beneficiaries. More than 1800 families will

    directly benefit from the project implementation and one of the activities in progress is the construction of six modern sheep shelter models. Shepherds will receive professional training and as they will become master shepherds they will pass on the knowledge by teaching the junior shepherds. Therefore, these families will benefit from new production facilities in terms of hygiene and quality worthy of the European Union, strengthen their associations and have the chance to conclude national and international partnerships.

    The presence of Mr. Ioan Agapi, the CEO of Mountain Farmers Federation “Dorna”, was warmly received by the fair guests. Having an extensive experience in rural development, he outlined the importance of integrating traditional activities in modern economic system. “European Union consumers are increasingly interested not only in food quality but also in the origin and methods of food production. This favors traditional, original products such as cheese produced in the Romanian highlands” he pointed out.

    The project has been in the spotlight for two hours and the audience participated actively addressing various questions. We, all partners involved in this major project, are grateful to discover that only a brief overview of the project objectives awoke the public interest. From farmers and shepherds up to local representatives within the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture, the heads of the Presidential Commission for agricultural development policy in Romania, business people, dairy products producers and processors and last but not least the consumers left thrilled and well informed.

    We will keep promoting future activities and accomplishments of this unique project for Romania.

  • Activity Report Phase 1 - meetings with local communities

    Bistrita-Nasaud and Mures

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