“Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area”

Improved sustainability of livestock based agriculture in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains by means of integrating traditional activities in the modern economic system. The project is starting in january 2014 and it will be ending in december 2016.


The production factors of the traditional production system are strengthened


The market opportunities of traditional products are improved

The competences of producers to diversify and modernize their production are improved.

Models and best practices are promoted and disseminated on a regional and national scale.

• Pasture management improving measures are realized

• Six modern sheepshelter models built and operational in the test areas

• Product specification and technical assistance for 3 clusters of products are finalized.

• Marketing study is developed

• Branding kit for mountain products developed and implemented.

• Local, regional and national events to promote traditional products are realized.

• Campaign for local products consumption is realized towards different target groups.

• New Curricula for shepherds, sheepfoldmasters and farmer organisations developed and implemented. Farmers associations are strengthened.

• Exchange visits with Swiss partners to Switzerland and where appropriate to France and Spain are carried out.

• Best practices guide is elaborated.

• Assuring sustainability of results and dissemination

What is achieved?

Project deliverables

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